“It’s up to you to work with them to make it interesting for them to want to pursue engineering. You need to instill the passion for tools and science, as much as they now have for nonsense.”

FIRST founder
Dean Kamen

Team #3142 would like to thank all of our mentors, parents and sponsors for the hard work, long hours, and help that you have given to our team throughout these last four years. Without the guidance that you have given, we would not have been able to achieve many of the accomplishments that we have. It is your faith in us that inspires us to work hard and make you proud.

We give special thanks to our Coach, Mr. James Hofmann. Without the effort and hours you have devoted to us, especially over these last four years, we would not have a team. We would like to thank you for being available everyday, at all hours, supervising us and leading us to success. To read about his efforts. Click Here.


Flying Frisbees

Flying Frisbees


Mentors Learning the KOP (Kit-Of-Parts)

We would like to give a shout-out to thank the following mentors for all their extraordinary efforts to show us the way.

Many Thanks to:

IMG_2236Mr Ed Giffiths, Senior Mechanical Mentor, rockin’ the Aperture style.

Mr. Paul Hiler ( Build Mentor)
Mr. Tom Kelly (General Wire Stamping Co., Build Mentor)
Mrs. Laura Bugay (Past Marketing & Business Mentor)
Mr. John Bugay (PackDevCo inc. Mechanical Engineer, Build Mentor)
Mrs. Darleen Nelson (Business Mentor)
Mrs. Heidi Hoskins (Business Mentor)
Mr. Shahram  Dabiri (Picatinny, Mechanical Engineer)
Mr. Hau Do (Picatinny)
Col. Edward Petersen (Picatinny P.O.C.)
Mr. Chris Marion (Remote Build Mentor)
Mrs. Amy Kolzow (Marketing Mentor)
Mr. Rick Chiong (ThorLabs Mechanical Manager)
Mr. Pat Mulvoy (ThorLabs Machine Shop Manager)
Mrs. Kate Osenbach (ThorLabs Marketing)
Miss Jamie LaCouture (ThorLabs POC & Educational Liason)
Mrs. Stacey Yauch (Picatinny, Chemical Engineer, Build Mentor)
Mr. Don Hoskins (LabView Mentor)
Mr. John Hilgart (LabView Mentor)
Mr. Mitesh Amin (LabView Mentor)




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