News Articles

News articles for each season can be found by visiting each season’s tab located in the drop down menu under New Articles.

The number of articles in each season and the name of the game for that season are listed below. Our news articles are cataloged from the beginning of June leading up to Kick-Off in January and through the end of May. The news articles are cataloged in this sequence as much of the team’s outreach and service is completed in anticipation of the upcoming season and is submitted and discussed during the competition process.

2013-2014 – 

26 Articles, 1 Flicker, 1 Pinterest, Google – Images Page

2012-2013 – Ultimate Ascent

27 Articles, 1 Photo Caption Online, 1 video excerpt on the Today show.

2011-2012 – Rebound Rumble

17 Articles, 2 Photos with Captions Online, 2 WMBC broadcasts.

2010-2011 – Logo Motion

7 Articles, 1 Photo with Caption in Scientific American

2009-2010 – Breakaway

4 Articles

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