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Aper’…? Wait, what?

Mount Olive Competition 2014

Mount Olive Competition 2014

A camera reference?… Yes, in part. A camera’s aperture allows light in, making an impression on the film and creating a beautiful, multi-faceted image where there once was none.

Our FIRST robotics team gives students an opening into the world of knowledge impressing upon them the importance of STEM, gracious professionalism, and service to community that will help to bring them success in their future lives. Aperture is a perfect name for who we are and hope to be.

Through interactions with people on our team, in our community, and at our competitions, Newton FIRST Robotics gives its team members the opportunity to discover a wealth of skills in a variety of areas. It allows new information to be learned, developed, and processed in a safe and supportive environment.

Newton FIRST Robotics opens possibilities for students that are different from those presented in our school. Our team members are given the chance to work with engineers and mentors from a variety of companies in our community encompassing a multitude of disciplines. Students and mentors work side by side to design and build functioning robots often learning from each other. The completion of the challenge assigned for the season results in a dynamic, creative partnership that lasts well beyond the build season.

Is there more to the team name than this? Yes, there is. Many people have seen our team name and understood its reference to the popular Portal video gaming series and its fictional “Aperture Science Laboratories.” Though it is only a fictional laboratory located somewhere in a cave in cyber space, members of our team quickly approved adopting the name Aperture at the start of our second year; the 2010-2011 season.

Our reason for choosing the name Aperture serves a dual purpose. From the beginning our team has strived to be an inclusive organization uniting students and adults with a desire to achieve a higher goal. With our dual reference team name, we are able to provide a depth of concept and humor that can be appreciated by both groups. In addition, Aperture Science Laboratories has helped enhance our team identity by providing a visual reference as well. Competing in our team lab coats we are able to give a nod to those scientists and creative visionaries working in fields that seek to expand our knowledge of the world and who are working to make it a better place.

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