Aperture would like to share some of the resources that we have created or found that have helped us as a team. We hope that they might help you and your team develop a strong sustainable team that will continue for future generations of students. Please visit the Varsity, Safety, and Kids Come FIRST areas of our website for additional information regarding these categories.

Here are some of the resources we have to offer:

Recycling Incorporation’s :

General Electric


Photo Cropping and Scaling for Awards Submissions (Step-By-Step):

Cropping and Scaling Photos for the FIRST Submission

LabView helpful tutorials:

NRTApplication&Signature Documents 091613

NRTCodeofConduct 091613

NRTMentorOath 091613



Safety Tips FIRST 

Mill Drill Safety Competencies

Safety FIRST Word Search

Safety FIRST Word Search Key


Varsity Aid – Introduction 

Our Coach’s Tips

Aperture 3142 Varsity Letter to Parents

Aperture 3142 Varsity Requirements

To visit our varsity page Click Here.

Roborealm:  Vision for Machines

Sparkfun:  SparkFun’s Website where you can purchase educational electronics components. Where you can borrow curriculum an other great resources for electronics. 

John Hilgart’s – Trajectory Calculator:

This is Mr. John Hilgart’s helpful guide, Trajectory Calculator, that he developed to help our team during the 2011-2012 Rebound Rumble season.

Trajectory of a Deluscious Foam Basketball*
Here  Army Educational Outreach Program

MakerBot:   Rasberry Pi

(RaspberryPi & micro camera combo mount STL)

(MakerBot Log Book sheet) MAKERBOT USAGE LOG  (Online Geeks is a collection of technology related websites, blogs and forums, categorized in a more specific manner to improve better search within the network of technology listings)



     (PCBWeb is a free CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware)

TechDirections Magazine  (March 2014 Issue Newton Robotics Team Goes Varsity)


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