Year 2 (2010 – 2011) Logo Motion

Game: Logo Motion

This year’s NYC FRC featured 66 teams from across the globe competing in a game called Logo Motion. The concept was straightforward design and build a robot that could pick up inflatable game pieces (triangles, circles and squares each about a meter in the diameter) and hang them on pegs protruding from walls on either side of the 8.2- by 16.4-meter playing floor.

Execution, however, is anything but straightforward, thanks to the game’s nuances. Teams earned extra points if their robots could autonomously hang pieces during the first 15 seconds of each match. During this period, teams could only look on from the sidelines and hope that their bot’s programming behaved according to plan.

After the autonomous period teams had two minutes to manipulate their robots remotely via joysticks to collect and hang game pieces.

Teams received an even bigger bonus during each match’s final 20 seconds if they could deploy a minibot from their main robot that could climb one of four three-meter poles located toward the center of the floor. This marked the first time in the FRC’s history that teams needed to create more than one robot during their six-week build season, which kicked off January 8.

Number of Teams at Jacob Javitz Center: 66

Robot Name: Neo

Robot Chassis: XE-25 optical rail

Robot wheels: 6- Andy Mark 8″ dia. KOP

Robot Motors: 4- CIM

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