• Getting Ready for Fair 2015
  • State Fair 2013 Demoing "Ultimate Ascent" Robot
  • State Fair 2011 Demoing "Logo Motion" Robot
  • State Fair 2014 Demoing "Aerial Assist" Robot
  • Day One was a great success at the state fair! Today we partnered up with the guys from ECOS
  • Even Our Fish Tank Made It To The Fair
  • Making Buttons For The Kids
  • Our Brand New Charging Station For The Public
  • We Brought Back Our 2012 Robot for everyone to see
  • State Fair 2012 Demoing "Rebound Rumble" Robot
  • Even the kids love our robots
  • Jake fixing "Rebound Rumble" Robot
  • Day one demoing of FLL
  • Team Aperture and paw patrol
  • The mechanical mustangs and paw patrol
  • Roxbotix and paw patrol
  • Teaching kids all about FLL
  • Day three Roxbotix come for a visit
  • Kids Driving Roxbotix Robot
  • Day four with Lenape Valley Robotics
  • Aperture and queen of the fair
  • Day Three Teams and the queen of the fair
  • Liam getting Dubbed
  • Sir Jake and the Queen
  • Volunteering at the fair
  • Cleaing up our 3D print of a scull
  • Showing off some army Apparel
  • Army Strong
  • Driving the robot for the public


The FIRST Robotics Competition is not about machines; it is about the experience of people working together toward a shared goal.”

Dean Kamen


Aperture – Team 3142

2014-2015 FRC Season
Aperture 3142 is excited about this year’s challenge, Recycle Rush, and were thrilled to have a special visit from Reenee Capapulla SCMUA member visit us. The link that follows provides information regarding the many things about SCMUA and their recycling program. http://www.scmua.org/

Safety FIRST

Our Safety FIRST Team’s commitment to the education of safe practices in the lab, in the pit, and when traveling is a model for other teams and organizations who wish to ensure that their members avoid risk to themselves, bystanders, and their equipment.

It was a great way for our team to start the official build season and live our mission with FIRST to work together to achieve success.

Varsity Letter

"Newton FIRST Robotics"

“Newton FIRST Robotics”

Conversations with those interested in advancing STEM have inspired us to be creative, inclusive, and even more determined to collaborate with fellow teams. With our varsity status we are helping to elevate academics and place it on par with athletics.

Sharing our chenille emblem design for the back of our letter jacket with other teams, we assist others in spreading the mission of FIRST.


Community Support

We are very grateful for everyone’s support. Our successes are shared. With support from our community, Board of Education, school administration, STEM partners, and families we are able to ascend to each new level gaining knowledge, experience, and learn the value of collaboration.

Our Kids Come FIRST team has been busy getting kids excited about STEM with hands-on presentations for all ages, including those kids who are just kids-at-heart!

Our mission of service and education does not stop with FIRST teams but extends to our community as well.

If you are part of the FIRST family we wish you good luck with your build and your upcoming competitions. We look forward to meeting you on the playing field!

May gracious professionalism prevail and the best alliance win!

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