ApertureTeam 3142

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Safety “FIRST

Our safety team’s commitment to the education of safe practices in the lab, in the pit, and when traveling is a model for other teams and organizations who wish to ensure that their members avoid risk to themselves, bystanders, and their equipment. Recently, our team attained the Underwriters’ Laboratory Industrial Safety Award at the 2017 FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.

Varsity Letter

Since 2011, Newton Robotics has been recognized with varsity status by the Newton Board of Education. The creation of a chenille robotic emblem was established by the team for use on the back of a varsity jacket, which is made available for other teams to use. In May 2017, Newton Robotics worked with other robotics teams and the New Jersey Legislature to establish a bill that would require all public schools in NJ to adopt a policy that grants varsity status to their non-academic teams, allowing robotics team to have varsity. The bill was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie (R) on May 8, 2017.

Community Support

Community plays a huge role in our robotics team. With support from our community, Board of Education, school administration, STEM partners, and families, we are able to ascend to each new level gaining knowledge, experience, and learn the value of collaboration. By keeping service in the prominence of our activities, Aperture hopes to inspire others to do the same, thereby creating a culture where service becomes commonplace.