Kids Come FIRST

Kids Come FIRST

On team Aperture 3142, we make sure that we capture the audience: all members of the audience. One way we do this is with our Kids Come First Table. This table provides hands-on activities for children of all ages. It is a go-to for younger children who may want to learn more about FIRST and robotics. This 2016-2017 season we have transformed the kids table into a pile of gears. Not only is this table appealing to the eye, but it is also interactive.On top of the table, there is a “boiler”, the children then have a chance to bounce ping pong balls into the boiler to win a button. In addition to this new, Steampunk game, we will have our usual table set up with coloring pages and team information.

Coloring pages:

Sign Woodie’s Shirt

coloring book(with logo)

 More Pages Coming Soon!


  • Coloring books
  • Team Handouts
  • Buttons
  • “How to Cook up a FIRST Team” (A guide on creating FIRST teams)
  • The Little Engineer (A children’s story about robotics)