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When our young guests visit us at the competitions they are in for a real treat. We start our VIP tour at our Kids Come FIRST activity table. Where our team-designed and created coloring pages, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more, all centering on the themes of robotics and safety, along with crayons, wait to be collected at the end of the visit.

Safety First

Wearing safety goggles, staying out of the robot travel lanes, crossing robot speed bumps carefully, and staying with the Aperture tour ambassador are the most important pieces of information that are imparted before entering the Pit area.

While introducing our young guests to each of the teams, we talk about why teams look and dress the way they do, why some Pits are filled with equipment and why some are fancy.

To the Field!

A visit to the practice field is a must and time is taken to notice how each robot looks different from the rest. A stop by the Aperture Pit for some one-on-one time with build members and the chance to see a robot up close is next. Our guests have the opportunity to ask our build team anything they like about the robot and what it’s like to build one. Of course, a walk through the Pit area wouldn’t be complete without teaching our guest how to collect buttons! Then it’s time for them to see their first match!

On our way to the arena we talk about the season’s game and what they can expect the robots to do. Knowing the rules and which teams are doing really well helps. Seeing 120 pound robots of all sizes and shapes racing around the playing field is exciting, but yelling, “Red A-lli-ance, Blue A-lli-ance,” waving green Aperture towels, and dancing in the isles is fun too.

At the end of the tour our guests collect crayons and activity pages to work on at the event or to take home. Some of our guests are not so young. There is something for all age groups at our table.

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