Talking with students at Green Hills Elementary School.

Talking with students at Green Hills Elementary School.

Outreach, both service and educational, greatly aid in fulfilling our team’s responsibilities to our community. Our community supports us and it is important that we demonstrate our commitment to them. We understand, too, that if we are to create leaders in our society it is important for our members to experience all aspects of the leadership experience. In providing our members with a connection to the community from which they can learn and serve, our members develop a strong foundation from which to draw when they leave the team to pursue higher education and their future careers. By making these experiences available to our members we also hope to provide an opening to a career path that will include service and technology.

As a team, we care for one another and make it possible for those with less opportunity to elevate themselves and others. By helping those in need we hope to provide a foothold and make it easier to reach the next step. By educating young students about STEM and what it has to offer, we can help them to change their entire future and in some cases that of their entire family. As Dean said, “I think an education is not only important, it is the most important thing you can do with your life.” To educate our young helps them get one step closer to creating meaningful productive lives for themselves and others.


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