Industrial Safety is taken very seriously by Aperture 3142. Our Safety Leader has been instrumental and taken theĀ lead on creating tools to ensure that safety practices are part of the ethos of our team. Our intent reaches beyond 3142 with our discussions regarding the importance of safety during school demonstration, at corporate events, and with aid to FIRST teams at competitions.

Our Tools:

  • Safety powerpoint – website and pit
  • Safety Manual
  • Safety Tips Manual
  • SDS Manual
  • Safety FIRST Training – To all team members and other FRC teams
  • Safety FIRST Training – Checklist
  • Safety FIRST Training – ID badges
  • Safety FIRST Training – Kick-Off (NJIT)
  • CPR/First Aid Training – Checklist
  • Pit Safety – Checklist


  • Safety Glasses Log
  • First Aid Kit
  • Safety Supply Box


  • Safety Coloring Books
  • Safety Activity Sheets
  • Safety Paper Dolls
  • Safety Button – Be Safe Be Clean
  • Safety Presentations at Schools