Our Coach

Hofmann and Kamen at the NYC Regional, 2011

Mr. James Hofmann is team 3142’s Coach. His dedication to our team is without a doubt the single most important reason why robotics has a home at Newton High School and team members are inspired. Mr. Hofmann gives of himself and his time fully, often working over 35 hours a week to provide work sessions that accommodate the varying schedules of our teen members and all. His constant search for sponsors and methods to educate our team while keeping the team focused on their goals and having fun is amazing. Mr. Hofmann’s devotion to his team and seeing them succeed in all aspects of the FIRST program as well as helping them to attain scholarships and maintaining contact post graduation speaks of his depth as a person and his skills as a mentor. We are so very lucky to have him as he enables us to fulfill our mission to become leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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